High mountain hunting here in the Windachtal valley

A special experience in Ötztal

Hunting in the mountains is regarded as the pinnacle of hunting. It demands courage, maturity of character and perseverance. Nothing uplifts the hunter and liberates his spirit more than a trip into the mountains. At the Alp-Resort Tiroler Adler we bring you closer to this special experience in our "Revier Windach". Our host Daniel, a passionate hunter of many years' standing, and his team of experienced gamekeepers will accompany you on your stalk.

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    What can you hunt here?

    • Black grouse: May (shooting season according to EU bird protection)
    • Roe deer: Beginning of June to end of December 
    • Marmot: 15 August to 30 September 
    • Chamois: 01 August to 15 December 
    • Stone deer: 01 August to 15 December

    Any further questions?
    We look forward to hearing from you very soon: daniel@tiroleradler.net

The roe deer

Hunting season in Tyrol: 01 June to 31 December

Interesting facts about roe deer:
The roe deer is a cultural follower and can usually be observed during walks or short hikes in the Ötztal. They love green meadows and fields, especially the fresh mountain meadows. This becomes their undoing as soon as it is time for farmers to mow. The fawns often hide in the tall grass and are almost impossible to spot. As a result, thousands of fawns fall victim to mowers in Austria every year. Thanks to modern technology, however, these accidents and the resulting animal suffering can be minimised. Using drones equipped with a thermal imaging camera, fawns can be tracked down and rescued even in dense vegetation

The chamois

Hunting season in Tyrol: 01 August to 15 December

Interesting facts about the chamois:
Chamois belong to the family of horned animals. In summer, chamois are reddish-brown in colour and in winter they are very dark, almost black. The chamois can be observed climbing in the mountains. They nimbly climb every pinnacle and proudly present themselves on mountain ridges and rock faces. The habitat of the climbers is in the low and high mountains between 1000 and 3500 metres above sea level.

Our hunting ground in the Windachtal

In our high mountain area it is possible for everyone, even older hunters, to experience a marvellous hunt. High forests, Swiss stone pine stands, flat alpine pastures with grazing cattle, lakes, steep grassy slopes and high alpine rocky regions characterise the landscape and make stalking particularly attractive. The area is easily accessible thanks to the stalking trails. If you are persistent and the weather plays ball, you can be sure of a successful hunt. It is possible to drive up to the hunting lodge by jeep (until around November).

Animal observations with hunter Daniel

Learn more about the forest and its inhabitants. Get up close and personal with nature and explore the biodiversity and complex ecology of the Ötztal forests. Watch deer or chamois grazing or observe the marmot as it leaps across the Alpine slopes to find food. Join us on this adventure tour and be amazed at what our magical nature has to offer.