Conditions for hunting in Tyrol:

Without a valid Tyrolean hunting card or hunting guest card, a game drive is not permitted. You need a valid domestic hunting license to issue the guest hunting card. If necessary, the hunting guest card will be issued by us and handed over by the local guide.


When taking over the kills, we ask you to make the required down payment within 14 days after receiving the confirmation.
After receiving the deposit, we consider your reservation as fixed.

Cancellation / Cancellations:

In the event of cancellation up to 61 days before the start of the trip, 30% of the arrangement costs will be charged Cancellation between 60 and 31 days before the start of the trip 50%, with cancellation less than 31 days before All booked services are charged as cancellation fees at the start of the trip. It is advantageous to take out appropriate insurance cover yourself.


The shooting must be discussed with the game guide before the hunt and the shooting schedule correspond. The desired game can only be shot by releasing the hunting guide respectively. With the shot, all taxes are binding, even if the shot is not the one expected quality and asking price should correspond.


The trophies can be boiled or prepared on request. They only go after the full payment of the total invoice and presentation to the Mandatory trophy show in the property of the depositor. The game (including the blanket) remains with the hunting administration for recycling.


Only weapons with a minimum caliber of 7mm and a straight trajectory should be used be performed. The use of solid jacket bullets for hunting black grouse or that Marmot is not allowed. If you do not have a suitable weapon, you can use a rental weapon from us.


Own dogs - also hunting dogs - are not allowed in our hunting area !!!


The hunt and all trips to and within the area are at your own risk.


You should only shoot under the best conditions to kill the animal. In the event of welding, the hunt is interrupted and searched with a welding dog.
If a game is only welded on after the hunting guest has ended his hunting stay brought, is the difference between the amount for welding and the shooting tax to pay, where upon the keeper is given the trophy of the game.


The hunting bill can only be paid with cash in advance or in cash in the hotel.

Checklist hunting:

Mountain hunting is the crown of the woading plant, but keep in mind: you hunt in the high mountains. The climate can be very changeable, even in summer it can snow.

  • well-worn mountaineering boots, mountain-compatible hunting clothes
  • Warm jacket, rain protection
  • Spare clothes, change clothes
  • Gloves, hat
  • Backpack with at least 35l capacity
  • Shooting stick or bipod
  • Headlamp or flashlight
  • Binoculars, hunting knife
  • sufficient ammunition
  • Hunting license / EU weapons passport
  • Sun or cold protection
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