Hunting in the mountains is considered the crown of pasture work. It requires courage, character maturity and stamina. Nothing raises the hunter any more, and frees his mind as the passage into the mountain area. In Alp-Resort Tiroler Adler we bring you this special experience closer.

You will be accompanied on the stalk together by our host Daniel, a long-time and passionate hunter, and his team of experienced gamekeepers.


Black Grouse

Hunting season in Tyrol: in May (shooting time according to EU bird protection)

Things to know:

The black grouse, like the capercaillie, belongs to the family of pheasant birds.

The cock reaches a body length of 55-60 cm. Its wing length is 246-291 mm and the weight is between 820 and 1750 g.

The hen is smaller and lighter with a body length of about 45 cm, a wing length of 214-263 mm and a weight between 750 and 1120 g.

Rooster and hen differ significantly in their plumage coloring. While the rooster is contrasting blue-black and white, the hen shows brownish camouflage plumage.

The black cock is a very lazy bird in winter and can often be snowed in to protect itself from wind and cold or from the dangers of other animals and people.

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The Roe Deer

Hunting season in Tyrol: June 1st to December 31st

Interesting facts:

The roe deer is a cultural follower and can usually be observed during walks or short hikes in the Ötztal.

They love green meadows and fields, especially the fresh mountain meadows.

This will doom them as soon as the time for farmers to mow has come. The fawns often hide in the tall grass and are barely visible. Thousands of fawns fall victim to the mowers in Austria every year.

Thanks to modern technology, these accidents and the resulting animal suffering can be reduced. Using drones equipped with a thermal imaging camera, fawns can be tracked down and saved even in the thick vegetation.

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Hunting season in Tyrol: August 15 to September 30

Interesting facts:

Due to the different dialects in Tyrol, the marmot has received many funny and hardly pronounceable names:

"Vormenta" - here in the Ötztal, "Mankei" - in the Tyrolean lowlands, "Munggen" - in Switzerland

In Europe, marmots live in the high mountains, especially in the Alps. The animals are protected in Germany, but not in Austria. Marmot hunting has a long tradition in Vorarlberg and Tyrol and attracts hunting tourists from all over the world.

The rodent meat is a delicacy for us, as well as the marmot fat is a natural antibiotic.

The hunting season for marmots in Tyrol opens every year in mid-August.

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Hunting season in Tyrol: August 1st to December 15th

Interesting facts:

The chamois belong to the horn bearer family. The chamois are red-brown in summer time and very dark, almost black, in winter time.

The chamois can be observed with their climbing skills in the mountains. She quickly climbs every pinnacle and proudly presents herself on mountain ridges and in rock faces.

The climbers' habitat is in the middle or high mountains between 1000 and 3500 vertical meters.

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Hunting times in Tyrol

What can be hunted here?

Black grouse: May (shooting season according to EU bird protection)

Roe deer: beginning of June to end of December

Marmot: 15 August to 30 September

Chamois: 01 August to 15 December

Stone game: 01 August to 15 December

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In our high mountain area it is possible for everyone, even older hunters, to experience a wonderful hunt. High forests, stone pine stands, flat alpine pastures cultivated with grazing livestock, lakes, steep grassy slopes and high alpine rock regions determine the landscape and make the stalking particularly appealing. The area is easily accessible through the created pirate board.

If they are persistent and the weather plays along, the hunting success can be considered safe. The drive is possible up to the hunting lodge (until about November).

wildlife observation

Learn more about the forest and its inhabitants. Get close into nature and explore the richness in species in the Ötztal forestsand its complex ecology.

Watch deer or chamois grazing or the groundhog hopping over the slopes to find food. Come with us on this adventure trip and be enchanted by nature.

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