high mountain hunting

Hunting in the mountains is considered the crown of pasture work. It requires courage, character maturity and stamina. Nothing raises the hunter any more, and frees his mind as the passage into the mountain area. In Alp-Resort Tiroler Adler we bring you this special experience closer.

You will be accompanied on the prowl by our landlord, a longtime and passionate hunter and his team of experienced game wardens.


Chamois: 01. August to 15. December

Marmot: 15th August to 30th September

Black grouse: in May (shooting time according to EU bird protection)

Steeped and roe deer: on request


In our high mountain area it is possible for everyone, even older hunters, to experience a wonderful hunt. High forests, stone pine stands, flat alpine pastures cultivated with grazing livestock, lakes, steep grassy slopes and high alpine rock regions determine the landscape and make the stalking particularly appealing. The area is easily accessible through the created pirate board.

If they are persistent and the weather plays along, the hunting success can be considered safe. The drive is possible up to the hunting lodge (until about November).

wildlife observation

Learn more about the forest and its inhabitants. Get close into nature and explore the richness in species in the Ötztal forestsand its complex ecology.

Watch deer or chamois grazing or the groundhog hopping over the slopes to find food. Come with us on this adventure trip and be enchanted by nature.

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